My Story

TheDoctorMedic is the product of over 20 years in public safety and higher education for me.  With an original background as a firefighter/paramedic in Tampa Bay, I continued my education by graduating with an Associate's degree in Emergency Medical Services from Manatee Community College in Bradenton, FL.  I then completed my Bachelor's degree in Public Safety Administration from St. Petersburg College before moving to the great sunny state of Oklahoma where I then spent several years completing a Master's in Public Safety Administration from the University of Oklahoma!  Higher education lured me into academia where I then became a tenured professor with Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma City.  Finally, with a research focus on situational awareness in paramedicine, I completed my PhD with Monash University in Melbourne, Australia!

During this time, I have worked as firefighter/paramedic on a busy ALS engine, a paramedic with several of the largest ambulance services in the nation, and even a couple years as a flight paramedic.  I still work as a critical care paramedic on a ground ambulance and I am the founder and President of EMS Success, a nonprofit created to financially assist EMTs and paramedics across the nation. 

My background has blessed me with a unique perspective on the things we do in paramedicine.  My focus, in all of the education and opinions that I provide, is researching the evidence, ensuring scientific accuracy, and maintaining a level of professionalism to support my students and the profession.  Thank you!