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This program is great. It was well done and thought out. Justin was a
great instructor. I would highly recommend old and new instructors take this program. I've been teaching for 25 years and still found new information and gained new skills. Thank You Justin

Kevin Skakel - EMS Instructor Course

I have done my refresher here twice, distance CME twice, and through employer provided refresher. In my experience Justin’s way of presenting information and the information provided is my personal favorite. Even through the complete online version I still felt like it reinforced some things.

Kara B. - Paramedic NCCP Refresher

I’m 63 years old and very computer illiterate! So if I can complete
this course I think anyone can! Justin was very helpful to me! So
thank you very much Justin! I’ve been a NREMT for over 35 years and I’m trying to make it to 40 years!

Frank Crawley - EMT NCCP Refresher